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Rent arrears can quickly erode profits and cause serious financial problems for you as a landlord. A few months of non-payment of rent could mean you could be out of pocket and may be forced to use your own savings or income to finance the property. Early detection is vital. any missed rent payments need immediate action to safeguard your financial position.


Unfortunately, not all Tenants vacate a property on expiry of the relevant Section Notice and it may become necessary to go to court. We will assist you to draft, prepare and advise you accordingly as to what documentation you would need to serve to the courts in regards to recovering rent arrears and possessions of the property.


We now offer training courses for Letting agents. Each course is different and covers important points. Our courses can offer valid help on different matters, from a basic to advanced level, and can be held either at your own company or at our training center. Give us a call and we’ll find the solution that perfectly fits your needs.