We wanted to thank you both for all your help and support in the removal of our tenants A very stressful and expensive process which has definitely put us off ever renting out properties in the future! We have spent a week cleaning the house which was filthy & clearing the garden ready for viewings this weekend as we lost our buyer and are now both exhausted. But relieved that it’s all over. We have now paid our final Invoice to Phoenix and the Solicitor, and checking that we don’t owe you any more money? we can then finally close the book on this nightmare chapter of our lives. Thank you both again, I will highly recommend your Company if I hear of anyone else struggling to evict tenants

Elaine & David Shannon

I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you for all your work on this case Rossanna, your experience, professionalism and efforts have been fundamental in helping me to regain my property this July. I appreciate all the guidance and contact you provided throughout the process and appreciate your contact out of hours to ensure I was up to date and keep things ticking over

Mr Tobi Yinusa

I have finally got the result. I would like to convey my appreciation to Joanne, whom has always been very attentive to my email and queries at all time.I will definitely recommend your service on the base of customer service received from Joanne

Mr R Nia

We use Landlord Lawyers for all of our evictions and legal issues. They deal with things efficiently and are always helpful when we have any queries. I highly recommend using Landlord Lawyers for all of your legal cases, i can assure you you will not be disappointed

Britney Taylor

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have been using Landlords Lawyer for many years and in particular Rossanna is helpful, knowledgeable and fantastic to deal with. Very happy

Adam Redhouse

I have unfortunately had to seek the services of Landlords Lawyer on several occasions and i have always found the service excellent – i would highly recommend them

Britney Taylor

We came to Landlords Lawyer in 2017 for their expert services on how to evict a tenant. Our case was rather complicated but we felt Landlords Lawyers had a wealth of experience in order to deal with the eviction notice in an efficient way. Further to this, we had another a firm deal with the possession order when the tenant did not vacate to save on costs. However, unfortunately, we do not believe this was dealt with in a proper way and therefore we came back to Landlords Lawyer to deal with the hearing. Landlords Lawyers were very good with their advice, and with their service. The advocate representing us at the hearing was prepared to a top standard and we won the court case on all grounds. The tenant was given 14 days to vacate (The minimal time) and he was asked to pay all our legal fees and court costs. This was an outstanding victory. Further to this, Landlords Lawyer dealt with the bailiff warrant which was approved in a timely manner too. As Landlords Lawyer dealt with us from start to finish pretty much, we would highly recommend them. Further to this, there was a refund owing to us at the end, for part of a service that was not required and the refund was provided back to us within 3 days. Now this is remarkable service! We pray we never need their services again to evict a tenant but if we do, there is no other place we will go. 5 star company. Hinal Karia.I have used their service to evict few of my tenants and the service I received was excellent every time. The lawyers and the secretaries are always cordial and willing to help. I highly recommend them

Kays Tayeb

Serving notices

If the tenancy began after 1st October 2015, you must have served a valid Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate on the Tenant before serving a Section 21 Notice.

If You rented to a company then they will not have an Assured Short hold Tenancy and we will need to serve a Notice to Quit. This is a 28 day notice and can also be used for any type of breach of contract.

If the tenant has stopped paying the rent or has breached the contract, then a Section 8 Notice can be used, you need to be aware that there will always be a hearing.

What happens after the notice

In order to prove your case you will require evidence such as rent statements. (if the tenant is in rent arrears), witness statement if the tenant is subletting and so forth.

Hearings are usually less than 10 mins long because in most cases they are undefended, should they become defended they are likely to be adjourned and relisted for a longer time with directions on how the case is to be conducted. Mostly when these hearings become defended it is because the tenant is claiming disrepair.

Once you obtain a possession order the tenant is most likely to only be given 14 days to vacate the property.

If the Tenant won’t leaves

You cannot guarantee that the tenant will leave on the possession date.

Do not just turn up at the property and change the locks, if you do you could be arrested under the Prevention of Eviction Act 1977. Tenant still has rights to the property

You must appoint a bailiff.

County Court bailiff can take 4-10 weeks to attend and sometimes the day before the eviction the Tenant may try and make an application to court for more time.

You may wish to appoint the High Court Enforcement officers to do the eviction. This can only be done if the County Court has agreed that the matter can be transferred up to the High Court.

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